About RadioWolfCreek.Rocks

RadioWolfCreek.Rocks brings you great music from both sides of the Rockies so you can find your favorites all in one place! 

Treasure Falls

Pick a mood and pick a station - find jazz, country, rock, oldies, tunes from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and adult contemporary music. With five stations to choose from, KALQ 93.5 FM, KGIW 1450 AM, KWUF 106.1 FM, KWUF 1400 AM & KWUF 102.5 FM simulcast, and KZBR 97.1 FM, you're sure to always find the perfect sound.

Our stations are broadcasting on the East of the Rockies from the San Luis Valley, where you will find KZBR 97.1, KALQ 93.5, and KGIW 1450 AM; and on the West of the Rockies from Pagosa Springs, Colorado, just 20 miles from the Continental Divide, where you will hear KWUF 106.1 FM, KWUF 1400 AM and the AM simulcast at KWUF 102.5 FM.

 Enjoy listening!